Support for Adder875 in Linux 2.4

Jan Damborsky jan.damborsky at
Mon Feb 14 23:37:22 EST 2005

Markus Westergren wrote:

>I'm working on a project which will use hardware based on Analogue & Micro
>Adder875 module together with Linux 2.4.
>I use RedBoot as bootloader and kernel 2.4.27-pre1, both came with the Adder
>The project require:
> - dual ethernet support with AM79C874 PHY
>   The driver I've found (fec.c) only supports one ethernet. I'v started
>	modifying a newer version of this driver which have support for my PHY. I
>	have made some progress but it's not working yet. Found out that the first
>	FEC is used to communicate with both PHY's. Both devices are detected
>	correctly and the first seems to work but the second hangs the kernel when
>	the first packet is sent or received.
We use our proprietary board with MPC880, dual ethernet + Am79C874 PHY.
Kernel 2.4.25  (linuxppc_2_4_devel checked out from Original
source tree supports only one FEC, but with minor ugly hack we utilize 
both MPC880 FECs
without problem. If interested, I can send you a patch for get 2nd FEC 

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