Support for Adder875 in Linux 2.4

Markus Westergren markus.westergren at
Sun Feb 13 23:28:49 EST 2005


I'm working on a project which will use hardware based on Analogue & Micro
Adder875 module together with Linux 2.4.

I use RedBoot as bootloader and kernel 2.4.27-pre1, both came with the Adder

The project require:

 - dual ethernet support with AM79C874 PHY
   The driver I've found (fec.c) only supports one ethernet. I'v started
	modifying a newer version of this driver which have support for my PHY. I
	have made some progress but it's not working yet. Found out that the first
	FEC is used to communicate with both PHY's. Both devices are detected
	correctly and the first seems to work but the second hangs the kernel when
	the first packet is sent or received.
 - SPI support
   Have found a simple driver (cpm_spi.c), which I have not tested yet.
 - PCMCIA support
   Will try to modify the m8xx_pcmcia driver.

Not required but would be good to have:
 - USB host support
   Have no clue where to start looking.

Have anyone used this module together with Linux and are there working drivers
for it? Any tips/ideas?



Markus Westergren
Biologigrand 17
S-907 32 Umea

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