Question for all the folks who are ALSO building custom MPC5200boards

Andrew Dennison andrew.dennison at
Thu Feb 10 09:12:32 EST 2005

On , linuxppc-embedded-bounces at wrote:

> I spoze this is slightly off topic, but... since a number of
> people have recently mentioned they're building custom MPC5200 boards:
> Have any of you had trouble with the 32kHz oscillator, when
> trying to use the crystal-and-passive-network approach
> instead of the big-ugly-reliable-metal-can-oscillator
> technique?  Anyone actually get the crystal to oscillate properly?
> Replies off list would be fine if this is too off-topic...
>   best regards,
>      Nick Caruso

No problems here. Thought I would have to tweak some of the values I chose
but it just worked.

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