Are the I2C drivers on MPC8540 Kernel 2.6.10 working?

Eugene Surovegin ebs at
Thu Feb 10 05:57:26 EST 2005

On Wed, Feb 09, 2005 at 06:48:35PM +0100, Clemens Koller wrote:
> My problems:
> I try to get a I2C Philips PCF8563 Real Time Clock working which
> is connected to the I2C of my MPC8540 processor.
> The chip should be sw-compatible with the Epson RTC8564 component
> (according to the datasheets), so I tried to enable the MPC85xx
> I2C bus, the EPSON RTC8564 and the Kernel RTC support.
> I tried several configs - compiled i2c into the kernel or as a
> modules to load and unload them with debug=1
> I cannot access /dev/misc/rtc with the hwclock (latest version=2.23):

Make sure I2C address for your RTC clock is correct. They may be 
compatible, but usually I2C address depends on board design and you 
may have to tweak the driver a little.


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