Edge Interrupts (Virtex-II Pro)

Joshua Lamorie jpl at xiphos.ca
Tue Feb 8 07:29:50 EST 2005

Andrei Konovalov wrote:

> As this code is not board specific at all,
> I would move it to arch/ppc/syslib/xilinx_pic.c:ppc4xx_pic_init().
> Does it sound reasonable (I'll prepare the patch this weekend then)?

This sounds useful, since I am using a custom developed board using the 
Virtex-II Pro. Unfortunately, the patch wouldn't help me much because I 
am doing my interrupt setup for most of my custom devices within 
modules. You see my hardware has a Virtex-II Pro and a Virtex-II with a 
shared (logically) address space (OPB). I have cascaded interrupt 
controllers (ask me if anyone wants the code). So it is quite often that 
I have a changed hardware and therefore require different drivers. 
Rather than downloading to flash the 700k kernel each time while I am 
developing, I just download the 6k - 20k modules. Then I store them in 
onboard NOR flash.

That's a long way of saying YES, isn't it?



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