Creating a configuration for my custom MPC875 board

Peter Asemann peter.asemann at
Tue Feb 8 01:53:42 EST 2005

Some days ago I was told on this mailinglist I needed to create a custom 
configuration in order to get linux running on my custom hardware.

So I did as I was told and created an own <name>_defconfig and entries 
in the menu via editing arch/ppc/ and so on.

Well, every board seems to include it's custom header file from 
platforms/<NAME>.h in the include/asm/mpc8xx.h header file.
Now I'm curious if I also need to include something?

It seems there usually isn't much stuff in the <name>.h file, only an 
IMAP_ADDR define and the definition of struct bd_info.

Do I need this stuff - or how do I find out?

Best regards,

Peter Asemann

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