uart.c: avoid changing parameter RAM on-the-fly for the console

Steffen Rumler Steffen.Rumler at
Fri Feb 4 19:55:36 EST 2005

> would you please read Documentation/CodingStyle and
> try sending the patch again?

What in detail is wrong concerning the coding style ?
Note, this is a serious problem for us.

> Although it doesn't make too much difference in this case,
> 2.4.20 is pretty old and it helps to get patches against
> the latest kernels.

2.4.20 is the kernel we are actually using.

> I suspect there is something else amiss, but I'll take a
> look at it.  What is the speed of the processor and the
> baud rate?

CPU:       MPC859T
CPU clock: 133Mhz
Baud Rate: 19200




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