Question about cpm reset on 8xx

Per Hallsmark per.hallsmark at
Fri Feb 4 01:29:00 EST 2005

Hi all,

Working with a board using hdlc over SCC channel (852T) and kernel 2.4.21,
in the cpm reset code in arch/ppc/8xx_io/commproc.c it's like:

        volatile immap_t         *imp;
        volatile cpm8xx_t       *commproc;
        pte_t                   *pte;

        imp = (immap_t *)IMAP_ADDR;
        commproc = (cpm8xx_t *)&imp->im_cpm;

        /* Perform a reset.
        commproc->cp_cpcr = (CPM_CR_RST | CPM_CR_FLG);

        /* Wait for it.
        while (commproc->cp_cpcr & CPM_CR_FLG);


In our case, CONFIG_UCODE_PATCH is not defined so the commproc is never
reseted during reboot. Could it be that the #ifdef CONFIG_UCODE_PATCH
should just be around the cpm_load_patch command?
The CONFIG_UCODE_PATCH seems to point this to be i2c/spi patch, but
shouldn't a reset go to cpm in anycase?


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