Linux on Virtex-II Pro P20 development board...

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Fri Feb 4 01:18:39 EST 2005


Why are you using which is rather old and doesn't have
any Virtex-II Pro support?

Virtex-II Pro support in 2.6 is very minimalistic at the moment:

Nevertheless, it should be enough to bring up your board
with 16x50 UART and ramdisk (I mean adding your platform using
ML300 as a template).

This stuff works for me in the following configuration:
     Xilinx ML300
     Example #7

You could also need the TLB bug fix mentioned at:
   (look for "Solution 12")

Best regards,

Jakob Viketoft wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> I've just started trying to get the Linux ( kernel to run on the 
> above mentioned board (or, specifically, a PPC405 on the Xilinx 
> Virtex-II Pro 2VP20). I just figured I'd ask around and see if any of 
> you have got this board running and then what kernel modifications where 
> necessary and IP blocks (from the development kit) you've used. At the 
> moment I'm primarily interested in the PPC and a serial port, later on 
> the TP port will be useful as well.
> I've previously ported the 2.4.x kernel to Cirrus Logic EP7312 (ARM) 
> chip, but that was some years ago and with the new kernel, chip and 
> structure of the PPC arch of the kernel I'm a bit disoriented. Any help 
> would be greatly appreciated!
> Regards,
>     /Jakob
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