[linux-cirrus] Re: Cirrus Logic MaverickCrunch support

Bora Þahin bora.sahin at ttnet.net.tr
Wed Feb 2 05:19:45 EST 2005


Matt> Even then, this depends completely on what else the platform has to
Matt> do as well as what profile/level of MPEG-2 you are decoding. Something
Matt> like a ~800Mhz e500 core has no chance of handling a main profile high
Matt> level MPEG-2 stream for playback (typically 720p/1080i video). A high-end
Matt> (1.45Ghzish) 7457 with an optimized altivec mpeg2 software decode library
Matt> and a video card with iDCT assist is about the minimum PPC for these
Matt> applications.

It is not that quality. I dont know decoding algoritms. But I have a film encoded bu Xvid.
Video Codec
     Aspect ratio: 592 x 320  (1.850 : 1)
     Frame/Sec   : 25
     Avg Bitrate : 1175 kb/s

I think quality is sufficiently enough. My Celeron 466/440 BX buddy does a good job.
Matt> This is why most consumer products are using something with a decoder,
Matt> like the integrated one in the IBM STBxxxx chips or

I am looking for probable and reasonable powerful cpu based solutions without going in that

Matt> the Sigma Designs decoders.

AFAIK, it does not support PPC platform...


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