problem compiling linux with ELDK: `bd_t' undeclared

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Sat Apr 30 06:55:24 EST 2005

In message <427256F5.8080903 at> you wrote:
> I'm having a problem compiling Linux 2.4.25 as included in ELDK version 
> 3.1 / Build 2004-11-10.
> When trying to compile ppc_8xx/usr/src/linux-2.4.25/drivers/char/flash.c 
> it throws an error:

You are using an inappropriate configuration of the Linux kernel.

> It looks like it misses ppcboot.h or something. Is there something I 
> need to select in the kernel configuration to get rid of that error?

Not to select, but to unselect: don't try enabling  the  CONFIG_FLASH
option  if (1) you don't know exactly what you're doing *and* (2) you
are really using on of the boards supported by this driver (which  is
obsolete und unsupported, btw.).

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