Marco Schramel Schramel.Linux at go.bartec.de
Thu Apr 28 00:59:52 EST 2005


actually my system (2.4.25 on MPC8270 with PCI) runs fine and it will be tested. Thanks to all.
But one thing isn't really clear. The IO_BASE and memory windows for pci.

This is original taken from arch/ppc/plattforms/ads8260.h

/* window for a PCI master to access MPC8266 memory */
#define PCI_SLV_MEM_LOCAL	0x00000000	/* Local base */
#define PCI_SLV_MEM_BUS		0x00000000	/* PCI base */

/* window for the processor to access PCI memory with prefetching */
#define PCI_MSTR_MEM_LOCAL		0x80000000	/* Local base */
#define PCI_MSTR_MEM_BUS		0x80000000	/* PCI base   */
#define PCI_MSTR_MEM_SIZE		0x20000000	/* 512MB */

/* window for the processor to access PCI memory without prefetching */
#define PCI_MSTR_MEMIO_LOCAL	0xA0000000	/* Local base */
#define PCI_MSTR_MEMIO_BUS		0xA0000000	/* PCI base   */
#define PCI_MSTR_MEMIO_SIZE		0x20000000	/* 512MB */

/* window for the processor to access PCI I/O */
#define PCI_MSTR_IO_LOCAL	0xF4000000      /* Local base */
#define PCI_MSTR_IO_BUS         0x00000000	/* PCI base   */
#define PCI_MSTR_IO_SIZE        0x04000000	/* 64MB */

#endif /* CONFIG_PCI */

These memory windows are not really clear to me. Which documentation can expand my theoretical background? Any comments are welcome.

If CONFIG_PCI is defined the io accesses will depend on the _IO_BASE (at example for ide accesses, now i know ;-)).
Why it depends on it ?
If i will adapt another chip with the standard io-accesses of /asm/io.h, which things i ve to know (offsets, windowsizes,etc..)?  

Thanks for your comments.


Marco Schramel

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