New MPC5200 Eratta/ATA Bugs

Eric N. Johnson (ACD) ejohnson at
Tue Apr 26 08:00:39 EST 2005

At 02:35 PM 4/25/2005, Stephen Warren wrote:
>Freescale have been working with us on a board work-around for the
>problem. This basically involves deriving a substitute ATA_ISOLATION
>signal from the regular ATA control signals, in some cases.

Are you able to share the circuit they've recommended?  Is it as simple as:
   ISOLATION = ((ATA_CS1 or ATA_IOR) and (ATA_CS0 or ATA_IOR))

This seems like it would be in violation of the setup and hold time 
requirements for the data bus.

I've been told there's a new silicon revision of the MPC5200 due sometime 
later in the year, but the date keeps getting pushed back.


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