v2.6 performance slowdown on MPC8xx: Measuring TLB cache misses

Marcelo Tosatti marcelo.tosatti at cyclades.com
Mon Apr 25 03:25:18 EST 2005

On Sun, Apr 24, 2005 at 10:59:40PM +0200, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> Dear Marcelo,

Hi Wolfgang! 

> thanks for starting this discussion, and for providing a patch for 8xx. 

Thanks so much for spending the time to do this, some very interesting
results inside..

> However, I think we should not only look at the TLB handling problems
> on the 8xx processors. This is probably just a part of  the  problem.
> In  general  the 2.6 performance on (small) embedded systems is much,
> much worse than what we see with a 2.4 kernel. 
> I put some results (2.4.25 vs. on a MPC860 and on a MPC8240)
> at http://www.denx.de/twiki/bin/view/Know/Linux24vs26
> Here is the summary:
> Using the 2.6 kernel on embedded  systems  implicates  the  following
> disadvantages:
> * Slow to build: 2.6 takes 30...40% longer to compile
> * Big memory footprint in flash: the 2.6 compressed kernel image is
>   30...40% bigger 
> * Big memory footprint in RAM: the 2.6 kernel needs 30...40% more
>   RAM; the available RAM size for applications is 700kB smaller

I've shrank the v2.6 kernel build to a size significantly smaller than our 
v2.4 build, and performance did not increase at all. 

>From that, I could figure that the performance problem, in this case, 
was not related to decreased available free memory. From then on I started
going the TLB direction.

But yes, in general, v2.6 image is bigger and memory consumption is higher 
than v2.4. 

One important project in this area is linux-tiny, which allows one to 
disable unwanted features.

> * Slow to boot: 2.6 takes 5...15% longer to boot into multi-user mode

Others have mentioned, and I agree, that sysfs is likely to be the major 
cause for boot-time slowdown. Have you tried disabling sysfs? 

> * Slow to run: context switches up to 96% slower, local communication
>   latencies up to 80% slower, file system latencies up to 76% slower,
>   local communication bandwidth less than 50% in some cases. 

I've noticed the v2.6 scheduler context switching _more_ than v2.4...

Question: Such huge regressions are seen on MPC8xx only, MPC82xx slowdown 
is not so bad, correct? 

> It's a disappointing result, indeed.

Yes we are in bad shape :( 

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