Support for FEC in 2.6.x Kernel - status?

Pawel Studencki pstudencki at
Fri Apr 22 22:45:17 EST 2005

could somebody give me some information about current
status of FEC support
in 2.6.x kernels for 8xx?
What I've already found:
-some code in arch/ppc/8xx_io, but it seems that it
isn't up to date. 
- moreover there is a patch from Pantelis Antoniou,
FEC driver was moved to
driver/net/fec_8xx. Currently I'm working with it, but
it fails in function
driver_attach called from fec_8xx_init.
- and there is also a patch to Abstract Ethernet PHY
support (using driver
model) by Andy Fleming

best regards

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