problem with INI-9100U driver for INIC-940P SCSI controller

петр петров ka99 at
Fri Apr 22 18:16:58 EST 2005

                                   Hello all!
       My name is Alex. I am porting linux to shr4162 target. This is PPC based target. It has Inic940P SCSI
       controller. When attaching a SCSI disk I can monitor from time to time the folloing problem:

       even first request for disk info( vendor Id, Model, etc) fails because no interrupts are caught by cpu
       or scsi controller does not issue interrupts after completetion of the request. As I said this situation 

       is floating - during some Linux bootings, this request and some other basic requests( capacity request,
       reading partition table and ctr.) work fine. The disk itself is Ok. It works fine on analogous target, based

       on ARM920CPU and having same SCSI contrller( Inic-940P). If anybody experienced similar problems, please

       share your experience. I would appriciate much.

       Kind regards,
       Kirnasov A.

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