MPC8245 custom board, Linux 2.4 kernel hangs after uncompressing

Sam Song samlinuxppc at
Thu Apr 21 17:19:10 EST 2005

Atit_Shah <Atit_Shah at> wrote:
> 1. Check your log buffer...your console may not be
> initialized yet so all your printk are logged at a 
> particular memory location. Checkout the
> file in the Linux folder for "log_buf".
> The address that you have there subtract it with 
> the kernel base address. Then in view your
> memory at that location. We used U-Boot so we gave
> the command
> 	md <log_buff address>

Interesting to me as well. I also have such a similar
problem. But I wanna to know how I can return to 
u-boot with software workaround after kernel hanging.
At least, I must power-off and power-on my target to
get back to u-boot console. If so, the last kernel 
printk message would lost IMHO.



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