824x Sandpoint with 2.6.x

Sam Song samlinuxppc at yahoo.com.cn
Thu Apr 21 12:40:05 EST 2005

"Mark A. Greer" <mgreer at mvista.com> wrote:
> > I cannot see any active info.Is early console
> > output message not enough to find out something 
> > useful? 
> Sure it does. You have to enable it, then add some
> progress lines to help narrow down where you're
> panic'ing/hanging. 

Well, the cmdline I added is the switch of early
console enable, which I should enable 
CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_CONSOLE in kernel config first. A
new and nice feature of 2.6.x to me.

> You can even use the
> progress facility to dump the __log_buf.

I don't have such experience. If possible, could u
give me a linkage or doc for me to have a look?

> I'm taking your unwillingness to use a jtag/cops
> debugger as indication
> that you don't have such a tool!?!?

For the moment, I don't have such a cute hardware 
tool which can support source code debug like 
BDI2000. To be frank, I haven't used a hardware tool 
to debug kernel. Perhaps the problem I met wasn't 
complicated to use it. But now it is another story:-)
BTW, Could I use KGDB to try it?



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