using initramfs with ppc

Pawel Studencki pstudencki at
Tue Apr 19 01:34:42 EST 2005

I use a custom board with 8xx and kernel 2.6.11 and
try to mount root fs
based on cramfs. I still have problems with mounting

VFS: Cannot open root device "mtdblock1" or
Please append a correct "root=" boot option
Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root
fs on

I found, that perhaps the reason is initramfs. How do
you use initramfs on
Is it possible to turn off initramfs? If I've
understood correct
"Documentation/early-userspace/README", there is
possibility to boot direct
from flash.

My filesystem for initramfs is very simple in default
"initramfs_list" file:

dir /dev 0755 0 0
nod /dev/console 0600 0 0 c 5 1
dir /root 0700 0 0

do I have to append special files or directories?

thanks for any hints.


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