824x Sandpoint with 2.6.x

Sam Song samlinuxppc at yahoo.com.cn
Fri Apr 15 12:24:30 EST 2005

"Mark A. Greer" <mgreer at mvista.com>

Re: 824x Sandpoint with 2.6.x

--- Sam Song <samlinuxppc at yahoo.com.cn> wrote:
> which had a conflict with bd_info of u-boot. Does
> CONFIG_CPM2 means CONFIG_8260 in 2.6.x? If so, it
> seems that I should use CPM2 UART driver rather 
> than the one CONFIG_SERIAL_8250 which is defined by
> sandpoint_defconfig. Well, CPM2 UART driver support
> is off line from menuconfig:-(

I got the answer after a glance at the Manual itself.
824x is so different to 8260/8270. No CPM at all on
it. The DUART's program model is compatible with 
16550. Also no IMMR value... I thought 824x could have
a model as 8260 or even 8xx. New things learned!

> I created one image only with 8250 serial and
> RAMDISK support kernel. The console setting was
> "ttyS0,115200". But hanged after loading the 
> kernel... What could the problem be?

Still no luck. From the print message I set, it passed
MMU_init() and mpc10x_bridge_init(), then stopped.

Any clue on it? 



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