CPM uart

Marco Schramel Schramel.Linux at go.bartec.de
Thu Apr 14 22:54:03 EST 2005

Hi Dan,

thanks for your answer.

> > During booting kernel hangs on initializing ttyS2 forever.
> That is the console port, so take a look at the code for its
> initialization for something affected by this configuration.
> What kernel are you using?  There have been lots of
> updates in recent versions.

I use kernel version 2.4.25 of denx and the uart version is 
static char *serial_name = "CPM UART driver";
static char *serial_version = "0.01";

Are there newer versions? Sorry, but i am not up to date with the uart.
Is my configuration so extraordinary ;-) ?


Marco Schramel

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