MPC5200 I2S driver

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Wed Apr 13 09:40:05 EST 2005

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> Humm, any pointers on writing our own driver then then?  Digging through 
> the source for other drivers, bestcomm seems to be a real house of 
> cards.  We just want simple audio output capability.  No need to make it 
> work with the standard Linux/OSS sound API.

User the i2s_ring.c driver as model.

> Where can we keep track of the eratta/bugs in bestcomm?  Browsing through 
> the mailing list, I've found references that:
>    IDE and Ethernet DMA can't work at the same time
>    I2S TX and RX DMA can't work at the same time
>    AC-97 is terminally broken (no way to handle the slot tags properly
>           for variable sampling rates)
> Are these all still true?

This probably depends on your definition  of  "can't  work".  If  you
allow  for  a  failure every now and then under certain (more or less
exotic) usage conditions ... ;-)

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