Warm reboot on 826x targets

Paul Gortmaker p_gortmaker at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 13 04:14:35 EST 2005

I've been trying to get a WRS 8265 to do a warm reboot, and found some
things that I am wondering about.

Firstly, is anyone having success on having "reboot" restart the machine
on a similar platform?

Secondly, the default BOOTROM_RESTART_ADDR is 0x40000104 (sbc82xx.h) and I
was wondering if this matches any platforms out there.  On this board, the
place where U-Boot lives is 0xFFF00104 -- and I've verified this by typing
"g fff00104" at the U-Boot prompt which causes U-Boot to simply restart.

I've changed the value in sbc82xx.h and now at the reboot, instead of a
register dump, it simply hangs.  Looking at m8260_gorom (in kernel/head.S)
it clears the MSR_EE (ext int. enable) bit in the MSR before jumping --
but I was wondering if there are other bits in MSR that need to be
cleared; e.g. instruction relocation enable and data relocation enable
(MSR_IR and MSR_DR). The register bits are on p76 of MPCFPE32B.pdf from

I guess if somebody even said "it works for me" then I'd have a better
feeling thinking that what is done to the MSR currently is sufficient.


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