Trying to understand alloc_skb()

Daniel Ann ktdann at
Tue Apr 12 18:49:59 EST 2005

In addition,

Im running 2.4.21 kernel.

Just then, I was looking at the 2.6.11 kernel source
(net/core/skbuff.c) and found out that large chunk of the alloc_skb()
has been thrown out.

Can this be removed from 2.4.21 also ? I might go and check out why
its been removed.

Still waiting for some good answer tho .. :)


On Apr 12, 2005 5:38 PM, Daniel Ann <ktdann at> wrote:
> Hiya folks,
> I'm wondering if anyone could help me out with problem I have in alloc_skb().
> My problem is that, kernel dies with "alloc_skb called nonatomically
> from interrupt c00ba718" message. After browsing mailing list, I think
> its to do with not providing it with enough locks prior.
> Question is, what kind of lock should I be providing ?
> Since I have no clue as to which lock does what, I really need some
> good advise as to where to start looking.
> Could someone tell me the inside story on this ?
> --
> Daniel


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