cross-compiling under cygwin?

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It has a /dev filesystem but exporting it doesn't work.  Yes, user and
group ids are supported and it can either be from group/passwd files or
NIS.  It does have hard and soft links.  It is a pretty extensive port
(formerly known as Internix).

It is a solution for environments that have IT departments full of
Micro$soft trained robots located an ocean away who will only allow
installation of Redmond-blessed add-ons.

I'm not pushing it as a solution but it is a free way to have a mount a
NFS-style filesystem on an embedded linux board.  I believe I did
mention that I disliked recommending it but to deny it exists would be

Marc W. Howard

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> > Yes you can run NFS on Windows.  The systems we ship inside our
> > equipment have a Win2k Server host and the embedded boards 
> hang off of
> And this really supports things like special files,  user  and  group
> id's, permissions including set-uid and hardlinks and all that?
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