2.6.x with TQM860L

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Apr 11 17:24:01 EST 2005

In message <4259FA09.8040508 at opersys.com> you wrote:
> I've been trying to get a 2.6.x kernel working with a TQM860L board
> with little success. I can get to boot and _sometimes_ get
> to a shell, but most of the times it dies while starting init. From
> reading the archives, this looks very much like an SDRAM config issue
> (i.e. dies mostly when bursting.) Has anyone on this list got a
> 2.6.x kernel working with the TQM860L?

No, in this case it is not a SDRAM issue. I  understand  that  you're
using U-Boot on the board, and this is one of our reference platforms
and among the best tested systems with U-Boot.

Did you apply Marcelo's patch?

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