Unhandled relocation of type 11

Joshua Lamorie jpl at xiphos.ca
Thu Apr 7 07:18:32 EST 2005

Please excuse this cross-post, but I think it is of interest to both 
RTAI and Linux PPC folks.

I am making a kernel module (an RTAI task) that needs floating point 
support so I'm using IBMs perflib floating-point libraries (on a 
Virtex-II Pro, aka ppc405).

This is actually built from Matlab/simulink real-time workshop output (I 
can't use rtai-lab because I don't think lxrt is available for ppc)... 
so there end up being many object files to link.

So, in the end I have a linker command as follows.

powerpc-405-linux-gnu-ld -r -m elf32ppclinux -L/some/directories
matlab_root/rtw/c/libsrc/rt_zcfcn.o other.o inputs.o -o module_output.o

Then I go to insert the module and....
/var/shm # insmod test001_build_rtmodule.o
Warning: loading test001_build_rtmodule.o will taint the kernel: non-GPL 
license - Proprietary
  See http://www.tux.org/lkml/#export-tainted for information about 
tainted modules
test001_build_rtmodule.o: Unhandled relocation of type 11 for __fixdfsi
test001_build_rtmodule.o: Unhandled relocation of type 11 for __fixdfsi

Hrmm... so any ideas on what type 11 is?  I can see from the code in 
modutils that this value is inside rel->r_info, such as R_PPC_ADDR32 or 

But where do I get more info about where r_info gets assigned?  Do I 
need to link libppcfp.a in a particular way?

Any hints would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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