Status of Linux 2.6 for 40x and 44x CPUs

Eugene Surovegin ebs at
Thu Apr 7 02:12:29 EST 2005

On Wed, Apr 06, 2005 at 09:41:27AM +0200, llandre wrote:
> I found some messages about the status of 2.6 kernel for MPC8xx-based 
> machines but
> I found nothing about 40x and 44x CPU. 

So what? Absence of such messages doesn't mean 4xx doesn't work, I'd 
say quite the opposite.

> Anybody can tell me something about 
> it? Did it
> get production stable? If not, which are the areas that are under heavy 
> development?

4xx is quite stable, although I'm not sure many people use 2.6 in 


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