Problem with linux porting

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Tue Apr 5 18:54:01 EST 2005

Hi All,


We are having a problem with porting of Linux.


We are using the Linux kernel image modified to work on an EP8248 (having
the MPC8248 Processor) Board. We have our board configured the same as the
EP8248 board. We have made no changes to the Kernel Image and it crashes.
The last message it shows on the console is "Uncompressing Kernel....ok" and
the console log_buffer has the following: 


"<6>Memory BAT mapping: BAT2=32Mb, BAT3=0Mb, residual: 0Mb.

<4>Oops: kernel access of bad area, sig: 11.<4>NIP: 00000000 XER: 00000000
LR: 00000000 SP: 00000000 REGS: c0150000 TRAP: 0000    Not tainted.<4>MSR:
00000000 EE: 0PR: 0 FP: 0 ME:0 IR/DR: 00.<4> TASK = c014f470[0] 'swapper'
Last syscall: 0 .<4>last math 00000000 last altivec 00000000.<4>Call
backtrace: 00000004 ."



The EP8248 Board have the following configurations:


1. 8MB Flash 

            Port Size = 32 Bit

            Bottom Boot


2. 16MB SDRAM 

            Port Size = 32 Bit




4. Frequency

            Core:  346MHz

            CPM:   198MHz

            BUS:   99MHz

            Input: 66MHz


5. Memory Map 


Memory Region            Size                       Address Range


SDRAM                    16MByte                0000_0000 - 00FF_FFFF

Flash                        8MByte                  FF80_0000 - FFFF_FFFF



The board we are using has 


1. 16MB Flash 

            Port Size = 32 Bit

            Bottom Boot


2. 32MB SDRAM 

            Port Size = 64 Bit




4. Frequency

            Core:  400MHz

            CPM:   200MHz

            BUS:   100MHz

            Input: 100MHz   


5. Memory Map 


Memory Region            Size                                    Address


SDRAM                    32MByte                           0000_0000 -

Flash                        16MByte                           FF00_0000 -



The value of the IMMR in HCRW is both boards is configured to 0xF0000000.
The value of IMAP_ADDR in linux/arch/ppc/platforms/ep8248.h and
u-boot/include/configs/ep8248.h is 0xF0000000. The BD_INFO structure and the
values are being passed perfectly from u-boot to Linux. The cmd_start and
cmd_end are also perfect - verified using the memory dump command in u-boot.


We have performed RAM test through u-boot and it has passed it.


We would be grateful if somebody could throw more light on where we are
going wrong and help us successful port Linux. If you require any more info
i would be more than glad to provide you with the same.


Thanks and Regards








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