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Subject: Re: Platform bus/ppc sys model - [Fwd: bi_recs and u-boot
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 08:28:39 +0100
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Hi Stefan, other folks,

Sorry I've not replied to some of the other threads - suffice it to say
I've had a busy weekend hacking on an ecos HAL. Anyway, I'll get synced
up again today or tomorrow, just in time to jump on a plane to USENIX :-)

Stefan Roese wrote:

| The CPCI405 supports switching the boot-cs between its 2 flash chips
with the
| DIP-switch 4. You could copy the current ppcboot version into the 2nd
| chip as a fallback (please test it once).

Oooh. I didn't know that (don't have the schematics here :P) - cheers.
I'll try doing that before I go away :-) If I can do this then I'll have
at least something vaguely sacrificial to work with here, I think the
current plan as discussed is vaguely worth persuing, even though it
might not be the optimal eventual solution. Will followup shortly.

What should happen is that OF trees get written like they do for mol and
then automagically converted in to a BLOB for use with u-boot - no, I
don't think this is the grand unified solution to everything, but I do
think it will persuade someone to find a cross platform solution.

FWIW Stefan, I am just setting up a similar power cycler setup to what
you guys have there - found a cheap supplier of wireless 13A mains
socket automation kits (<15EUR) in the local electronics store,
butchered remote control unit, sufficient for a cheapo cycler.

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