Header files for 440?

Shawn Jin shawnxjin at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 09:24:38 EST 2005


Are there any criteria to define things on so many different header
files for 440 family chips? For example, an Ocotea board has the
following header files.

1. <asm/ibm44x.h>
2. <syslib/ibm440gx_common.h>
3. <syslib/ibm44x_common.h>
4. <platforms/4xx/ibm440gx.h>
5. <platforms/4xx/ocotea.h>

I can understand the reasons why there are ibm44x.h, ibm440gx.h, and
ocotea.h. But why do we need to separate ibm44x_common.h from ibm44x.h
and ibm440gx.h from ibm440gx_common.h? Can we just simply combine them
together? It's a little confusing on what definitions and declarations
should be which files.

Is there any guildeline saying what header file should be in
<asm-ppc/*>, <syslib/*>, or <platforms/4xx/*>?

Any explanations?


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