Problem running Linux 2.6.11 on MPC8272ADS

Jon Loeliger jdl at
Fri Apr 1 01:36:00 EST 2005

On Thu, 2005-03-31 at 02:22, Li Yang-r58472 wrote:
> Good point.
> There is also IMMR need to be passed from bootloader to kernel.  We
> can make more use of the u-boot bd_info mechanism.  But it binds ppc
> linux to u-boot boot loader.  I don't know if we should make it a
> porting convention.

Hi guys,

So, just for the record here, Kumar and I are moving the ppc32
line away from bd_t towards an OpenFirmware flattened device tree.
That data will still have a place for the IMMR to be passed.

Under another Subject:, I'll describe a brief outline of
The Plan So Far so people can take shots at it. :-)

> Best Regards,
> Leo


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