All-ones problem with FCC1 on MPC8541

Mark Chambers markc at
Fri Oct 29 23:29:30 EST 2004

> On Thu, 2004-10-28 at 14:02 -0400, Mark Chambers wrote:
> > > The packet sizes I receive look reasonable, but the buffers are
> > > filled only with 0xff. The same goes for sending, the contents
> > > of the buffers are OK (dhcp discover...), but when capturing
> > > the output on the other side with ethereal, the packet is again
> > > all 0xff.
> > >
> > > We just discovered that apparently preamble, frame delimiter and FCS
> > > out over the MII (at least TxD[0:3] change state), so I don't suspect
> > > hardware bug.
> > >
> >
> > I would guess the problem is at the DMA level, that the FCC is
> > reading/writing
> > ffs to/from memory for some reason.  The preamble and FCS come from the
> > FCC itself, not memory, so that's why you see them.  I'd guess some kind
> > of mismatch with the kind of cycles generated by the FCC DMA and the
> > memory controllers.
> I've tried loopback mode today, and it's the same story:
> only 0xff on the receiving end.

That would still be consistent with a memory access problem.

> We looked hard at the manuals for anything that could cause the
> kind of DMA problems you describe, but yet to no avail.
> The chapter about SDMA seems to mainly describe some error status
> registers, and they remain at their default value when running the FCC.
> We'll try to get hold of CDS eval board schematics to check more on the
> hardware side, in the meantime, do you have an idea of which registers
> to look at in particular?

Unfortunately, I don't know anything specific about the 8541 [so why the
&^%* are you saying anything?]  What I do know is that we had a
similar problem back in the 68360 days.  My memory of the
exact solution is a bit vague, but I clearly remember the 'all-ffs' packets.

So I hope this isn't a red herring.  But what do we know - we know the
FCC is correctly generating and receiving ethernet packets.  There has
to be a legitimate premable and FCS or ethereal wouldn't see the
packets at all.  And on receive you see a correct length packet, just
bad data.  So the question is, where is FCC getting data from and
saving to?

Is the 8541 cache-coherent like the 82xx family?  Maybe try flushing/
invalidating cache to make sure program data is getting to/from
physical memory?  Maybe it's an MMU translation problem - code
and the FCC are not really accessing the same physical addresses?

Perhaps you can try manually disabling cache and/or MMU, or trying
to send a packet from ROM (I know it would be garbage, but if it's
not FF you know you're on to something).  This is all assuming you
are using a debugger and can break into the driver and play with

Mark Chambers

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