Machine check in USB driver interrupt handler on 8xx board

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Thu Oct 28 08:07:47 EST 2004

Dear Carolyn,

in message <212D7E61C1F7D511B9270002A507DE7D07AB3974 at> you wrote:
> I am porting a USB (Philips ISP116x) driver to an 8xx (852T in particular)
> board. It is built into the kernel at the moment (i.e. it isn't a loadable
> module) and comes up fine and gets and handles interrupts (at least 2400 of
> them) while the rest of the kernel is initializing.
> I am baffled and don't know where to look next. Any ideas / suggestions will
> be gratefully received.

You can find a working driver for the ISP1362 in our
linuxppc_2_4_devel kernel tree. This might get you started...

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