uboot and ppc405

Peter Ryser Peter.Ryser at xilinx.com
Wed Oct 27 02:55:33 EST 2004

>I have every confidence that it works on the ML300, just not on other
>boards, including both the Memec board and our in house prototypes.
My web and mail server runs on a Memec board. I've seen our and customer 
boards up and running for extended periods of time without any problems 
with regard to System ACE CF.

>>There is now a MVL preview kit for the Memec board. You might want to
>>try it out and see whether the problems you observe persist.
>Is this the one which doesn't actually use the SystemACE for a filesystem?
System ACE CF can be turned on in the kernel configuration. Making a 
root filesystem on the CF or MD is straight forward.

>>Looking at the postings back in April I can only say that I never saw
>>any similar problems.
>Others have done so. I'll check with the hardware guys and see if I
>can't send you a simple hardware case that falls over at some point -
>I'm slightly constrained to release hardware designs and so on until
>after this thing is ready to ship.
Ok, that's a plan. When you are ready please file a web case and mention 
my name so that the problem resolution gets tracked properly.

- Peter

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