MPC850 and GDB help

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Mon Oct 25 06:45:50 EST 2004

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> What about running the Linux kernel from ram?  Will I encounter the 
> same difficulties?

No, this is what Linux is designed for.

But this doesn't help you. Before Linux can run, you need  a  working
boot loader to initialize the hardware.

Before you start you should ask yourself if  you  have  all  required
documentation  available.  You will need a detailed hardware descrip-
tion, which documents which pins of the MPC8xx  are  used  for  which
purpose,  what  board control registers, CPLDs etc. are there and how
they are expected to be initialized, etc.

With all the documentation available, you will need to get a thorough
understanding of the hardware. Only then you  should  try  porting  a
boot loader.

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