Help on tuning the Linux kernel for soft real-time requiremen ts

Zajac Adam-AAZ004 Adam.Zajac at
Sat Oct 23 04:59:54 EST 2004


>I'm not exaclty sure I really understand what  you  are  asking  for.
>Isn't  sometimes  missing  the  deadlines what the "soft" is standing
>for? ;-)

I'm certainly not the one who would attempt to define the distinction
between hard and soft real-time requirements (beyond the obvious notion of
an absolute deterministic and an average response time). Just used that term
casually as we wanted to meet application deadlines that were in order of
seconds with some small room for a response variation (+/- milliseconds).
What I referred to as "missed deadlines" were slips in order of +/- 20
seconds. This was way out of line.

Do you know if sysstat RPM is available for PPC?
It'd be nice to have tools like sar and iostat for debugging my problem.


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