Is linux-2.5-ocp the current 2.6 4xx code base

Lawrence E. Bakst ml at
Wed Oct 20 18:02:21 EST 2004

At 4:23 PM -0700 5/14/04, Matt Porter wrote:
>There is a tree, bk://, that has most
>4xx boards working, but it's 2.6.5.  The core 4xx support is moving into
>current 2.6, but it will be a little bit longer until important drivers
>like EMAC and IIC are merged into the stock kernel.

Is the linux-2.5-ocp tree still the right place to get 2.6 4xx code or has that code been moved upstream or someplace else?

To be more specific which tree to a "bk clone" to get the latest stuff for 4xx.



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