Does kmalloc on MPC82xx work correctly with GFP_DMA?

Conor McLoughlin cml3227 at
Wed Oct 20 01:26:27 EST 2004

Thanks to everyone who replied. I appreciate your time to help
educate me.

> It works because the 82xx is cache coherent.  The MMU mapping
> is irrelevant.  
That is the missing piece of the puzzle. I had worked with the 860
before and this was an issue. It hadn't occurred to me that the 82xx
was different.

> There is no bug here.  Just because people don't
> understand how something works doesn't mean there is a bug
> present.  
The reason I asked the question in the first place was because I didn't
understand how it could work.  I now understand it and can rest easier.


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