newbie ti Embedded Linux

annamaya annamaya at
Thu Oct 14 01:44:19 EST 2004

VanBaren has already answered your question in detail.
Use the Linux Kernel from and you should
be fine. Once you have the kernel, start looking into
the arch/ppc/ sub-directory and you will be able to
find all the stuff that you will need to port your new

And which boot monitor are you planning to use. Just
like VanBaren suggested, I'd go with U-Boot.

--- "Mukund JB." <mukundjb at>

> Hai anamayya,
> I need to port linux to PowerPC based Board?
> Could you give me some specific information about
> this?
> For example, which embedded linux kernel (not
> commercial) is good for
> this job? 
> Regards,
> Mukund jampala

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