MPC5200 and Gigabit PCI cards

olivier at olivier at
Wed Oct 13 00:33:32 EST 2004


I am currently using the LITE5200 board, powered by u-boot and Linux 2.4.25.
The MPC5200 has a bug that prevent it to recognize most of the PCI boards
I have tried.

I was wondering, does anybody has tried by chance these Gigabit network
cards with luck on the LITE5200:
- Netgear GA311 (RTL8169 chip)
- Linksys EG1032 (Marvel Yukon 88E8003 chip)
- Belkin F5D5005 (Marvel Yukon chip)
- or any other inexpensive gigabit card

I have tried without luck a SMC Gigabit card (SMC9452TX), which is based
on the Marvel Yukon chip, the card was not recognized on the PCI bus...


Best Regards,

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