cleaning up the Kconfig menu structure -- the bigger picture

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Sat Oct 9 08:03:28 EST 2004

In message <85927CE7-196B-11D9-9299-003065F9B7DC at> Dan Malek wrote:
> I want all of the CPM and 8xx/82xx/85xx configuration to be in
> a common menu, just like it is today.  I don't understand the
> implement it that way against our wishes.  Based upon the
> processor type, we should be invoking different Kconfig
> scripts that although may use the same sources have different
> configuration option criteria.  It is significantly easier for
> us to keep those things local for consistent modification,
> and I contend will make it easier to focus on the configuration
> selections when doing so interactively.

Just for the record: I'm 100% in accord with Dan.

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