Resend:MPC8272 PCI bridge problem?

Jack Liu jack_liu at
Tue Oct 5 11:01:12 EST 2004

	I have a problem using MPC8272 PCI bridge. Currently I am debugging our own board with a MPC8272 and PCI IDE chip (VIA VT6410). However I can not visit the memory of PCI space. In u-boot, When I type "md F40001F0", there is always a program check. 
	My configuration is as follows:

	 *	0x00000000-0x07FFFFFF	128MB	SDRAM
	 *	0x80000000-0x9FFFFFFF	512MB	outbound prefetchable PCI memory window
 	 *	0xA0000000-0xBFFFFFFF	512MB	outbound non-prefetchable PCI memory window
 	 *	0xF0000000-0xF001FFFF	128KB	MPC8272 internal memory
 	 *	0xF4000000-0xF7FFFFFF	 64MB   outbound PCI I/O window
 	 *	0xFE000000-0xFFFFFFFF	 32MB	flash
    /* PCIBR0 */
	#define CFG_PCI_MSTR0_LOCAL		0x80000000		/* Local base */
	#define CFG_PCIMSK0_MASK		PCIMSK_1GB		/* Size of window */
	/* PCIBR1 */
	#define CFG_PCI_MSTR1_LOCAL		0xF4000000		/* Local base */
	#define CFG_PCIMSK1_MASK		PCIMSK_64MB		/* Size of window */
    #define CFG_PCI_MSTR_IO_LOCAL       0xF4000000          /* Local base */
	#define CFG_PCI_MSTR_IO_BUS         0xF4000000          /* PCI base   */
	#define CFG_PCI_MSTR_IO_SIZE        0x04000000          /* 64MB */
	So, I am wondering why the configured PCI space can not be accessed since I have configured the outbound window and PCIBR? In MPC8241, I can access PCI space by "md FE0001F0".
    Any kind help will be greatly appreciated.
Best regard
Jack liu

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