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Mon Oct 4 16:07:20 EST 2004

Tom Rini wrote:

>On Thu, Sep 30, 2004 at 10:11:03PM -0500, Kumar Gala wrote:
>>>>But on the other hand, I've given up a long time ago trying to 
>>>enforce any
>>>>kind of sane model on ppc32 because the embedded folks only care 
>>>about having
>>>>a quick ugly broken hack to work with their board, thus the 
>>>explosion of
>>>>various incompatible boot_info structures that we have nowadays.
>>>Yes indeed. It's ugly and needs fixing so I'll take a look at it - I
>>>just don't want to do this if everyone here already knows of a better
>>>solution which will work.
>>>Then Xilinx et al can generate memory maps and we can head towards
>>>having a single kernel binary bootable on multiple different ppc
>>I would be nice to have an extensive and dynamic way to pass info from 
>>the bootloader to the kernel.  I believe that Wolfgang has stated he 
>>would be willing to change u-boot to match.  I'd be willing to fixup 
>>and move Freescale boards over to use something as long as we get 
>>u-boot to support it as well.
>>I've been told that ARM has a solution, in place, to this problem that 
>>might always be worth looking at.
>I know the ARM folks on the list will yell at me, but to be a bit too
>simple, it's a linked list of BI_ bits.
>I've been thinking about it, and I do believe that Ben's flattened OF
>tree wins the "show me the code" race, so lets go that way.  I'll add in
>that for most platforms we'll want to build up the tree at compile time,
>but U-Boot, and anything else smart enough can pass one in for real.
>Jon, I look forward to your patch. :)
Allow me, to cut in and plug my own thing.

If you follow the u-boot-users list, you'll know that some time
ago there was a similar discussion.

I too need to access and use firmware variables from Linux
and the solution I came up is extremely simple.

I just create an argv of all the environment variables of the firmware
and I pass the psysical address of that NULL terminated argv array
to the kernel command line like so... "u-boot-env=0x0f000f00".

I have working patches for u-boot, the kernel parser, a kernel /proc 
for accessing them and also some patches for busybox which make access
easier as well as supporting saving them to non volatile storage.

I know this is the Nth time this discussion is taking place bu IMO something
must be finally decided. I don't really care if my solution will be selected
as long as something is at last selected.



P.S. Hope wd is listening in and come forward with his thoughts...

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