ISA interrupt problems

Frank frannk_m1 at
Fri Oct 1 02:55:11 EST 2004

I am having problems getting the ISA interrupts working when I
cascade the 8259 irq handler to an 8245 external interrupt. I
have the ethernet and serial interrupts working but when I try
to setup the ISA interrupts it either doesn't work or it hangs
when I boot the kernel. Are there any howto's floating around on
setting up the 8259 interrupts. I see a couple of other
platforms (i.e., sandpoint) that are using the ISA interrupts
but it looks likje the have the physical interrupt line
connected to irq 0. I have mine physically connected to external
irq 2. Should it be connected to irq 0 instead?
BTW, I have my Ali1535 superio connected to the external irq 2
of the mpc8245.
Any help would be _greatly_ appreciated...

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