Network problem: Ping is OK, Yet telnet and ftp etc is not working

Jack Liu Jack_liu at
Wed Mar 31 13:02:22 EST 2004


     We use ADMTek AN983B chip as our network chip. And I have porting
linux to this MPC8241 platform.Now I have a very strange problem:
   If I ping my target, no answer. When I start tcpdump on my target,
the ping ... works fine. Since the hardware is put into promiscuous
mode when tcpdump is running, So I use ifconfig to put NIC work in
promiscuous mode. I thought it can temporarily solve the problem. Now
ping is OK. However When I telnet other machine, no answer.And When I
telnet my target, still no answer. I thought it may because of firewall.
So I undef CONFIG_NETFILTER in .config and autoconf.h. Still the same.
So what could be the problem?

Best regards

Jack Liu

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