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Tue Mar 30 18:05:44 EST 2004

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> When kernel is going up, FEC is configured correctly. I see message
> below:
> ttyS0 at 0x0100 is on SCC2 usipty: 256 Unix98 ptys configured
> eth0: FEC ENET Version 0.3, FEC irq 9, with MDIO, MII irq 12, addr 08:00:06:59:af:4f

Did you check if the interrupts (FEC, MII) are really correct?

> But no eth0 autonegotiation ou RARP requests.

Feel free to send me your kernel config file and the _complete_  boot
log. I still think you might have a config problem.

> I am trying to find where these functions are called. Can you tell me
> are they are initialized.

grep the source tree?

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