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Tue Mar 30 00:17:44 EST 2004

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> I am using ELDK 3.0 in my custom board with MPC860T, instead of old
> HHL_20, and I am trying to run Linux kernel 2.4.24. I have two problems,

Did you adapt the kernel configuration for your board on the new kernel?

> perhaps someone can help me:
> 1. eth0 (FEC) does not perform link auto negotiation: FDX, HDX,
> 10/100Mbps;

Did you enable MDIO?

> 2. also IP auto config, using RARP, does not happens.

Did you enable IP Autoconfig and RARP support?

> Can anyone tell me what is happening to this functions do not be
> executed?

I guess you missed to configure the kerenl correctly for your  board,
since both features work fine on a couple of boards we tested.

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