MC850 peripheral support in linux

Rupesh S rupeshs at
Fri Mar 26 14:54:16 EST 2004

Hi ,

>> 1) Does the I2C bus support in the kernel works for the internal I2C
controller of MC850
>> 2) Does the RTC support in the kernel (char driver) works for the
internal RTC of MC850
>> 3) Does the PCMCIA support in the kernel (IDE drivers)  works for
the internal PCMCIA Socket controller of MC850

> 3 x yes. But I can only speak of the DENX kernel trees.

I plan to use the latest ELDK from DENX
Is there any known problems in ELDK Distro?
I could see that the ELDK distro is well packed with all toolchains,
kernel and applications.
I could no find out the "target filesystem" ?
Should the target filesystem be created manually from the directory
into which I install all the application RPMs.? Is there any script
files already available doing the same.

How is the kernel and rotofs attachment done ?
Do I need o do it with my bootloader passing command line arguments to
the kernel ? (I plan to use u-boot).

> Don't expect too much of performance out of a 850;  the  tiny
> a major pain.

As far as performance is considered, I do not need very high.
Out of curisity, what exactly is the problem ?

Rupesh S

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