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Tolunay Orkun listmember at
Fri Mar 26 08:14:22 EST 2004

>> >linuxppc-2.[45] are children of the linux-2.[45] trees, and contain
>> >stuff that's not quite ready to go out, _but_will_be_soon_ or has been
>> >put in a tree for Linus/Marcelo, but they haven't pulled yet.
>> ok thanks (and linuxppc-2.5 should be used to get something into 2.6?)
> If it's something which isn't quite ready yet, it should go into
> linuxppc-2.5.  Otherwise, it should go to linux-2.5, either via Andrew
> Morton, or Paul or Ben sending it to Linus.

If the chnage goes directly to linux-2.[56] tree directly is it also
applied to linuxppc-2.5 as well? How do you keep it in sync with tree?

My logic says that if the changes that goes to 2.6 tree is not
incorporated to linuxppc 2.5 tree we have a major problem. It would be too
difficult to keep track of which tree has which.

I would rather like to think that has a subset of ppc specific
chnages that goes to linuxppc but linuxppc has all the changes that goes
to linux tree.

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